Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Don't Go "Chick"!

Like many of you, i have quite a list of favorite Wod/CrossFit/Lifting Blogs that i like to read on a regular basis. The problem lies, when i read past the blog and get sucked into reading every athletes sob story about why their workout was so dang bad today! Also, like many folks in those same blogs i actually do have the occasional (sorry to suprise you) extremely shitty day where things just do not go anywhere near as perfect as i had laid them out in my mind. This unfortuneatly produces some byproducts including the possible snap at peeps that don't do exactly do what i ask/tell them to do either in the gym or at work. This can go on for multiple days in a row sometimes before i pull my head out of my rear, let my balls drop back down to their desired comfortable position, kick a puppy, punch a kitten, and quit feeling (yes quit "feeling" entirely) sorry for how damn difficult life and CrossFit is!

The thing that differs from me and many others that go through similar bouts with on again, off again AWESEOMENESS is that I strive (close to perfect but do slip, again sorry) to keep the excuse shit to myself. The problem for all of us is that in our Facebook state of acceptable Social Media and the way most boxes run, every one thinks that it's part of "COMMUNITY" to divulge every detail of why they did or didn't accomplish something. Let me assure you it is quite the contrary and no one has had the balls to tell you to your face...KEEP YOUR DAMN FEELINGS TO YOURSELF!!!

No one really wants to hear you go into detail about why you didn't make it to the gym today, missed your lift/s, stubbed your toe, calus tore, didn't sleep well, fell off the paleo wagon, didn't PR, etc. etc...I know you've spoken or hear them all!

What i ask of myself and can only ask the same of you, is the next time you feel like puking at the mouth everything that will make you rationalize your crappy efforts is to zip it closed! We are human and we do have bad days, do the best you can that day no matter how terrible it is, knowing that you are strong enough to pick yourself back up again and you will be better because of it! This in and of itself is a very important aspect of building mental strength in our daily struggles to be the best damn EXCERCISER that we can be and when the time comes that you drop kick your old PR out the door...let the entire gym and surrounding businesses feel the acoustical reverberation of a monstorous "FUUUCCCKK YEEEAAHHH"!!!

-Garrett (This is in now way, me letting you know how i feel about this mornings less than amazing execution of Outlaw programming)