Sunday, November 11, 2012

Check Yourself!

Yes, I'm plenty aware that I may currently be the exception and not the rule when it comes to life but i'm also generally accepting of this as my life's complications are quite low (yet sometimes closing myself off to potential opportunities).

I momentarily live by myself, have a solid career that doesn't follow me home each night(much), am blessed with an exceptional amount of friends, and either spend the majority of my free time at CrossFit 701 obsessing over the OutLaw Way, or working hard to teach the finer aspects of what CrossFit can do for everyone's life through this fantastic fitness Community.

Where I run into trouble is that every so often I subject myself to a situations or relationships (people, things, finances) which negatively affects my motivations and focus. These very issues weigh us down to the point that our day, week or even month can be drastically affected if we're not careful.

The issue at hand here is; How do I make myself less susceptible to negative influences?

With the CrossFit Open rapidly approaching it's extremely important that we get these interactions under control and making sure we are mentally strong should be our #1 priority. Taking an honest assessment of our goals, motivations and relationships inside/outside the gym and how they influence us should be where we start.

Goals: Have you checked up our your previous goals or set new goals lately? Are they what you truly want to accomplish or subject to others ideals? Have you shared them with the masses or accountability partners?

Motivations: Why are do this? What is the benefit for you personally? What's the worst that could happen? What would you tell someone in your shoes?

Relationships: Does your family, friends, significant other back you whole heartidly? Are there people that negatively affect your motivations and decision making? Are you strong enough to reject negative interactions? What would you tell someone in your shoes?

Now this is by no means a comprehensive list, but should give you a solid base of questions to ask yourself when it comes to the direction you wish to go and who with. Making sure you surround yourself with the positive people and things you can depend on is paramount!

CrossFit is a very empowering sport and the fact that we have a worldwide community behind our every move is something that we can only hope to share with others every day. Stop accepting what comes your way and start making the proactive decisions towards living your goals and dreams!

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